Some children prefer the activeness of sports and more physically stimulating activities, while others are drawn to their more creative side or simulation of their mental abilities. Whatever the tendency, it is important to encourage them at a young age. These days, parents are starting as young as possible, meaning right from infancy. There are playgroups to encourage socializing, adaptation and exploration of senses from birth. Not to mention the range of musical instruments and sports and academic supplements available in Hong Kong.

Just like food, how will one know whether they like it or not without having tried it? The point is to give ample opportunities for our children to foster and develop their own sense of belonging and pride in whatever they may like, whether they are good at it or not. And with proximity of resources disposable to Hong Kong residents, finding more than one stimulant for our children are only a bus ride or two away. The point is to encourage our children to try all. Rather than frame how we want them to grow up or how to think, isn't it better to teach them to understand why. By letting them try new experiences, step outside of their comfort zone or embrace the unknown, we are preparing them for their adult journey beyond childhood. I say, set them free!